Holistic Aromatherapy

Effective usage of natural essential oils helps to improve the whole body balance.

healing the fundamental cause rather than the particular parts of the problem.

The Best Quality Aroma - PRANAROM -

The result shows the radiant difference when used the superb quality of organic aroma.

We greatly care for the quality since it is absorbed into the body.

PRANAROM aroma, 100% pure natural essential oil is certifired by Certisys(the former ECOCERT) which confirms no additives involved even from the distillation process.

We pride ourselves in selecting the various combinations of aromas suitable for each individual need.

salon menu

aroma treatment

60min 7,900yen
90min 10,800yen
120min 13,700yen

aroma facial

60min 6,480yen
70min 8,640yen
100min 11,880yen


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